Best lenses for remote work

Have you been spending more time facing your PC since you started working remotely?

With the increase of teleworking and the change of environment from office to home, the space has changed from wide and high to low and close space, and paper-based documents have been replaced by screens, and desktop PCs have been replaced by notebook PCs with small screens, more people are spending more time facing PCs than ever before. As a result, more and more people are suffering from various symptoms.

Have you had any of these problems since becoming a remote worker?

People in their 30s

In the evening, your PC screen becomes hazy and it is difficult to focus → As a result, your eyes get dry.
Have difficulty concentrating (especially in the afternoon) = Increased number of rests. Feel your work efficiency is declining.
Your eye strain is worse than before, or you feel it more strongly.
You started getting headaches.
Your shoulder and neck stiffness got worse.

People Over 40

Have to raise their chin to see the PC screen well, which results in poor positioning, stiff neck/shoulders, and headaches.
As a result of concentrating on the screen because it is difficult to see, in the evening the screen becomes blurry and difficult to focus, and furthermore, the eyes become dry because of concentrated viewing.
Feeling trouble concentrating, taking more and more breaks and feeling less efficient at work.
Your eye strain is getting worse or feels stronger than before.
You started getting headaches.
When working at the desk with
long-distance or reading glasses
(single-focal lenses)

If you work at the desk with distance glasses that have only one focal point, your PC or documents will not be in focus, so you will have to force yourself to focus. The same is true for reading glasses. Since they have only one focal point, they can only focus on either the PC or the document, so you have to adjust the focus yourself when looking at the unfocused one. As a result, it will become difficult to maintain concentration, causing eyestrain, headaches, shoulder and neck stiffness, etc.

When working at the
desk with bifocal glasses

The position in the lens where the computer can be seen at a good distance is in the middle, so it is difficult to see unless you lift your chin up, resulting in a tight position for viewing. This can lead to shoulder and neck stiffness and headaches.


A State-certified master opticians will conduct an appropriate diagnosis and inspection to select the best remote work glasses.

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When looking near with glasses with for distance

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Do you have any of these problems?

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