Activity lens

A lens that enhances your vision at various scenes such as outdoor activities.
It supports your comfortable vision all day in any scene.

Do you have any of these problems?

It is difficult and too glaring to look at the scenery when driving in the daytime
When playing golf, the green is too bright and it is hard to see the lines
You feel the glare when walking in the morning and evening
You feel the scenary at travel destinations is too bright
You feel the glare in the city where sunlight reflects from various places

Enjoy a stress-free drive!

Safe driving requires stress-free visibility. Even if you are just driving, your eyes are being overworked more than usual. If it is too bright to drive in the daytime, it will be a problem.
But if you just put on your sunglasses in a hurry, your vision will become dark and you will not be able to run through tunnels. We have prepared a lens that can quickly solve such problems. By combining conflicting conditions such as glare-free vision and clear vision without darkness, this lens will make a stress-free and safe driving possible.

About driver's eyesight

For all aspiring golfers!

By using a polarizing lens, it will be it easier to see the ups and downs, and slopes that were difficult to read due to the reflection of the green. You can see the putting line that you could not see before. It will support your ability and draws out your potential. We carry 3 types of lenses for each weather.


Are you concerned about your eye health?

Walking you just started, thinking about your health. Your eyes are damaged by the glare that stings our eyes in the morning and evening, the reflection of the road surface and the windshield, and the invisible UV rays.
The contrast effect of the lens protects your eyes from glare, brightness and UV rays.

In the Snow

Enjoy winter with the best view!

Sunglasses are indispensable in the snowy mountains where the sunlight is stronger than on the ground. Required performance: It is important to cut the glare that is stronger than the ground and to be able to clearly recognize the unevenness of the snowfield.


Your eyes can get stressed in daily life!

Not only PCs and smartphones, but also sunlight can be stressful for your eyes and they can cause eye fatigue, dry eyes, and aging of eyes. Also, you can prevent aging of eyes and blemishes around eyes by protecting your eyes, not only your skin, from UV rays.


We also accept consultations on correct vision measurement, binocular vision test, and glasses.

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Do you have any of these problems?

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