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About German State-certified Master Optician

In Germany, specialists with national qualifications called German State-certified optician and master optician make eyeglasses. This is because it takes a certain amount of knowledge and experience to adjust and provide eyeglasses that can be used accurately and comfortably.


A comfortable pair of glasses cannot be made by simply measuring the power of vision. State-certified Master Optician is a traditional national certification that has been in existence since the 13th century, and is the highest professional title for opticians. In addition to specialized fields such as optical physics, anatomy, and sports optics, a wide range of knowledge is required, including pharmacology and psychology. It takes about 10 years to obtain the certification, and if you fail to meet the standards, you will be dropped from the school, or your career as a Master optician will be closed for the rest of your life.

German optical Master certificate

"Meister Brief”


In the showcase of our store, we display two Meister Briefs (Master Certificates). This is a manifestation of our responsibility and pride as Masters.

The Master certificates come in pairs, the certificate of a nationally authorized optician on the left and the certificate of a nationally certified Master on the right. Together, they make up the “State-certified Master Optician”. It takes about 10 years of training to acquire the Master qualification, and you need to pass a tough exam that you can only take up to three times in your life. If you fail more than that, you will lose the eligibility to take any further exams for the rest of your life. The enrollment is limited to 90 students per academic year, and the first six months of enrollment is a trial period. If you fail 2 classes during that time, you will be forced to drop out from school. Of course, this failure also counts as one of the three times mentioned above. It is because of this qualification as a State-certified Master Optician that we obtained through such rigorous training, we are able to confidently welcome our customers with the highest level of skill.

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