German State-certified optician
and master optician Profile

Kenta Nakanishi、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin
Kenta Nakanishi

Born as the eldest son of an eyewear, jewelry, and watch store that has been in business for two generations since his grandfather's, Kenta decided to become an optician at the age of 16. However, he realized that there was no place in Japan where he could learn at the world standard, so he turned his eyes to the world and learned that the “German State-certified optician and master optician” was at the highest level in the world. He flew to Germany by himself at the age of 18 with the aim of becoming a “world-standard optician”and in 2009, after overcoming various difficulties, he became the youngest Japanese to be certified as the "German State-certified optician and master optician". After returning to Japan, in addition to his specialized knowledge and skills, he continued his studies and opened the "Doitsu Meister Gankyouin (German Master Optical Clinic)“ with his brother in 2014. Based on the premise that "the eye is an important organ," he continues to strive daily to become a true professional that everyone can rely on.

Hiroki Nakanishi、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin
Hiroki Nakanishi

Growing up in his family's eyeglasses shop, Hiroki was familiar with "the joy of customers who found their ideal pair of glasses" from an early age. At the age of 21, he moved to Germany, a country with advanced eyewear technology, with the desire to "give customers dreams through eyeglasses." During his training period in Germany, he devoted himself to his studies, giving up his days off and overcame the language disadvantage, which led him to be requested by many customers. In 2013, he became the 4th Japanese person to become a “State-certified Master Optician”, and in 2014 he moved to Tokyo and opened Doitsu Meister Gankyouin. He continues to refine his customer service skills cultivated in an international environment and meet the diverse needs of customers from more than 10 countries. In addition to interviewing customers about their eye-related concerns and lifestyles, he also takes into account appearance factors such as customers' bone structure, voice, skin tone, and design preferences, to provide all customers with "the world's highest level glasses that have both medical function and fashion."

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Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

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