Glasses for the 30s

People in their 30s are busy with work and personal lives
Use glasses with lenses that suit each scene

At your 30s, your life style will become more diverse in both work and personal life, and you use your mind and body for various things, and your eyes will be overworked more than you can imagine. It is very important to use eyeglasses with lenses that suit each scene to take good care for your eyes.

Have you had anything like this recently?

In the evening, the screen becomes hazy and it becomes difficult to focus → as a result, your eyes dry because you try to concentrate. (Dry eye)
Difficulty concentrating (especially in the afternoon) = Increased number of rests. You feel your work efficiency is declining.
Your eye strain is worse and stronger than before
You started getting headaches.
Your shoulder and neck stiffness got worse.
Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

With the spread of smartphones,
the eyes of people today are easily tired.

Looking at your hands means using the power of your eyes. Naturally, fatigue accumulates over time.
In particular, with the appearance of smartphones and tablet devices, opportunities to stare at the minute letters at hand have dramatically increased, more and more people are complaining of eye fatigue.

Many people feel tired eyes and stiff shoulders, and many people use blue light cut lenses for their PCs. However, these lenses are designed to cut some of the frequencies of light emitted from the monitor screen, and while this may be one factor in relieving symptoms, it alone does not solve fatigue or stiffness in the shoulders. While awake, humans look at various things and adjust their focus and eye position almost instantaneously.
Except when you are sleeping, your eyes constantly use various muscles to adjust the focus and convey information about your surroundings. Naturally, fatigue develops with the passage of time, and in the evening, the eyes are particularly tired, and the characters at hand might appear doubled because the eyes are strained.

Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

The strain on the eye muscles increases with age, as well as with time, and the adjustment function weakens. In many cases, the reason why athletes, such as baseball prayers, whose eyesight is important, retire is due to a decline in their ability to accommodate their eyesight. ⇒Athletes whose eyesight is considered an important sense, such as baseball players, often retire because of decreased vision adjustment, and generally speaking, people in their 30s have already begun to experience decreased adjustment.

For those in their 30s who are troubled by symptoms such as “fatigue” or “difficulty in focusing”, we recommend the " adjustment power assist lens," which assists the eye's ability to adjust.

Innovative lenses that assist accommodation power
Solve problems with accommodation assist lens!

Doitsu Meister Gankyouin
Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

Many of our customers have found that correct examination (visual acuity and binocular vision tests), selection of frames and lenses according to their lifestyle, purpose and usage, and ergonomic fitting and adjustment of spectacles to maximize the lens characteristics have resulted in spectacles that are comfortable and easy to see. At Doitsu Merister Gankyouin, we take time to make correct vision measurements, binocular vision tests, and fitting.

We perform accurate binocular vision function examination

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The choice of lenses may depend on the age or the intended use. At Doitsu Meister Gankyouin, we recommend the use of spectacles with lenses that best suit the age and use of the spectacles.

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