Glasses for Over 40

Presbyopia progresses from the 40s

Eye troubles that increase in the 40s, such as; Things at hand starts to look blurry, Can't see small things or letters well...being able to see things far away but having difficulty seeing close objects.
Before you struggle from difficulty in seeing, we recommend using glasses with the most suitable lenses.

If you have hard time seeing

For a comfortable life with ideal vision, we recommend bifocal lenses. Bifocal lenses have structures that allow both "easy viewing of far distances" and "easy viewing of near distances" within a single lens, and provide comfortable vision for both far and near distances simply by moving one's line of sight. When presbyopia develops in one's 50s or 60s and wearing glasses for presbyopia at that point, it can take some time for the eyes to adjust to the suddenly different vision. In order to continue maintaining comfortable vision, it is important to change the lenses of the glasses to the appropriate ones according to the changes in the eyes.

Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

It is important to choose the best eyeglass lenses from the age of 40

Today, people in their 40s can be said to be in the "peak" generation of people who use their minds and bodies for a variety of things, and their eyes are used more intensively than one might imagine.
On the other hand, many people in their 40s are experiencing a weakness in their ability to focus their eyes. This condition is commonly called "presbyopia".
As this is the generation whose eyes are changing differently than ever before, from computer work to driving cars, and enjoying various hobbies, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose lenses for glasses that do not fit the same way they did when they were in their 20s and 30s.

Presbyopia can start as early as in one's 40s. Recently, with the increase of teleworking and the change of environment from office to home, the space has changed from wide and high to low and close space, and paper-based documents have been replaced by screens, and desktop PCs have been replaced by notebook PCs with small screens. As a result, more and more people are suffering from various symptoms. From this time onwards, use of weak progressive lenses allows the eyes to acclimate to this vision early on. By using weaker bifocal lenses from this period, you can help your eyes get used to this vision from an early stage. That way, even if your presbyopia gradually progresses, you won't feel discomfort and it will gently support your focus.

Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

If you find it difficult to see with the glasses you have been wearing...please contact us at Doitsu Meister Gankyouin. We will make the best eyeglass lenses for people in their 40s.

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The choice of lenses may depend on the age or the intended use. At Doitsu Meister Gankyouin, we recommend the use of spectacles with lenses that best suit the age and use of the spectacles.

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