Symptoms Possibly Caused by Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD)

Chronic (unknown cause) headaches, migraines
Eye strain
Neck and shoulder stiffness
Constant or occasional double vision
Feel pressure in the eyes / pain behind the eyes
Tired of wearing glasses / No glasses you have ever worn fit well
Have discomfort and difficulty seeing things that cannot be explained well, but was told that the lenses are correct and that the vision is fine
Can't focus immediately when changing the line of sight
Have unsteady line of sight
Feel dizzy or feel sick often. No abnormalities found in inspection
Sensitivity to light
Scenery looks only 2D (flat)
3D movies do not pop-out (or pop-out poorly)
Difficult to grasp the distance between front, back, left and right when driving
Difficulty in parking and often bumping into things
Frequently bump into people and objects
Stumble and trip often
Skip lines often when reading or lose track of where you are reading
Body and neck are always tilted
Abnormal loss of sole on one side of the shoes
Dry eyes
Have discomfort in the eyes and cannot find the cause even after visiting a medical institution
Get car sick easily
Unable to read on the train (vehicle)
Sometimes eyes move close together/out of sight

A correct binocular vision function test that can only be performed by State-certified Master Opticians can improve various symptoms such as shoulder/neck stiffness, eye strain, and headache, making you feel comfortable.

Please contact us if you have any of the above symptoms with your current glasses.

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