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German State Certified Optician and Master Optician

In Germany, specialists with national qualifications called “German State-certified optician and master optician" make eyeglasses. This is a traditional national certification that has been in existence since the 13th century, and is the highest professional title for opticians. There are only four people who have acquired it in Japan, and we are two of them.

Kenta Nakanishi、German State Cerfitied Optical Master
Kenta Nakanishi

Based on the premise that "the eye is an important organ," Kenta Nakanishi continues to strive every day to become a true professional that can be relied upon from people.

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Hiroki Nakanishi、German State Cerfitied Optical Master
Hiroki Nakanishi

Hiroki Nakanishi continues to propose “glasses that become a part of the body” combining medical equipment and fashion with German standards.

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German State Cerfitied Optical Master’s specialties

Correct Glasses made by State-certified Master Optician

Humans see with their brains

Humans take in 80% of information visually and analyze it in the brain.
In other words, "humans see with their brains.”

人は脳で視ている、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

"Binocular vision function" is very important for the brain to correctly recognize the visual information captured by the left and right eyes. Normally, the two pieces of information (images) from each eye are perceived as one piece of information (image) by the brain without any problem. However, if there is an abnormality in this binocular vision function, the two pieces of information will exist in the brain with a gap, and this gap will be corrected by the eye muscles and fusion power of the eye, allowing you to "see".

Binocular visual function (visual function) is not only a measure of visual acuity, which is an indicator of whether or not an object can be seen clearly, but also a measure of the "quality" of vision, which is how the visual field of the brain processes what is seen by the left and right eyes.

This binocular vision function test can only be performed correctly by us, the “State-certified Master Opticians” who have the knowledge, skills, and experience.

At Doitsu Meister Gankyouin, We Perform Accurate Binocular Vision Function Examination.

Reservation / Contact

Please refrain from calling as it will interfere with the eye examination process.

Correct Glasses made by State-certified Master Optician

German State Cerfitied Optical Master’s specialties

Pre-examination Interview

In addition to the troubles you have and the requests, we will ask you in detail about various ithings such as use history of glasses , eye disease history, medications you are taking, weight at birth, lifestyles that have changed significantly in recent years, computer usage time, etc. In the case of children, who we are currently receiving many requests, it is important to make an objective and comprehensive judgment by taking into account the situation at school and at home, whether there are subjects they are good at or not good at, and their daily habits.

検査前問診、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin 検査前問診、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin
Preliminary Examination

We begin the examination with a preliminary understanding of the patient's total personal information, such as normal eye movement, pupil reaction, body balance, shoe sole reduction, and ear height. In addition, reading important information such as the client's body movements and postural habits is the first step in making comfortable glasses.

preliminary examination、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin preliminary examination、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin
Accurate binocular vision function examination

Humans take in 80% of information visually and analyze it in the brain. In other words, "humans see with their brains.”
Since the positions of the left and right human eyes are apart, there is a “subtle deviation” between the images seen by the right eye and the left eye. There are two types of this “deviation (gap)”: “unburdening gap" and “burdening gap”. “Burdening gap” can be one of the causes of stiff shoulders and eye strain. This "deviation" is measured with a binocular vision test, but this test requires a lot of knowledge and experience, and in Germany it can only be done by Masters with national qualifications. Many people have realized that eye strain, stiff shoulders, migraine headaches, and stereoscopic vision has improved through the use of glasses made through correct binocular vision examination.

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Selection of lenses and frames

We propose the most suitable frames among many from around the world, carefully selected from the viewpoints of "fashion", "quality", and "suitability for each person’s bone structure".
Based on the data obtained from the preliminary examination and the binocular vision function test, we take into consideration the width of the person's eyes, face size, lens type, skin and hair color, etc., and provide total coordination. We will select lenses and frames with a focus on every single millimeter, so please enjoy the insight of our professionals.
We also offer our original frames made with the greatest care and attention to detail through direct negotiations with manufacturers from around the world, as well as excellent products made by craftsmen in Japan and Germany.

レンズ・フレームの選定、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin
Complete and Thorough Fitting

At Doitsu Meister Gankyouin, all frames made in Japan and imported from overseas are displayed after being adjusted in pursuit of comfort. In addition, after selecting frames, we perform fitting to check the position of the frame and the eye. By doing so, we are able to create the best lenses by calculating everything from lens design to lens thickness. Furthermore, by doing the final fitting when customers receive the glasses, the glasses become "a part of the body."
No matter how accurate the measurement and manufacture of eyeglasses are done, any misalignment between the lens and the eye will cause a mismatch in focus and adversely affect the way we see.
At our store, we perform fittings throughly based on techniques and human body structures backed up by our knowledge as Masters so that they become a part of your body in a stress- free and comfortable manner.
(* Fitting is only available for eyeglasses made by our store.)

徹底したフィッティング、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin
After-sales service

We are confident that the glasses we made will satisfy you. However, glasses are inevitably subject to slight loosening due to daily use. Regular maintenance is the key to long-lasting satisfaction. We will do our best to replace worn parts and clean the glasses so that you can use them comfortably, so please make a reservation and let us know anytime. Especially for those who are likely to swell, the skull expands and contracts with the change of seasons, and the comfort of the lenses changes. We recommend frequent adjustments.  

アフターサービス、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

Visits to the Doitsu Meister Gankyouin are by reservation only.

Reservation / Contact


Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Gaienmae Station, 3 min. walk from Exit no. 3
From exit no. 3, go straight in the direction of BMW at the Gaienmae intersection crosswalk
and turn right at the Minami-Aoyama 3-chome intersection.


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