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Are you able to correctly recognize each visual information captured by your left and right eyes?
Humans take in 80% of information visually and analyze it in the brain.
In other words, "humans see with their brains.”

「ヒトは脳で視ている」のです、Doitsu Meister Gankyouin

Correct binocular vision function examination that can only be performed by a State-certified Master Opticians can improve various symptoms such as stiff shoulders/neck, eye strain, headaches, and make you feel comfortable.

“Unburdening gap” and “burdening gap”

Since the positions of the left and right human eyes are apart, there is a “subtle deviation” between the images seen by the right eye and the left eye. There are two types of this “deviation(gap)”: “unburdening gap" and “burdening gap”. “Burdening gap” can be one of the causes of stiff shoulders and eye strain, but it can be adjusted with glasses.

Binocular visual function does not = visual acuity.
Binocular visual function is the "quality" of vision.

Visual acuity, which is said to be 1.2 or 1.0, is an indicator of whether or not objects can be seen clearly. Visual acuity is measured one eye at a time, and it is important whether or not the left and right eyes can see clearly, and the "quality" of the vision is not questioned. On the other hand, binocular visual function is not about visual acuity (whether or not you can see clearly), but how the visual field of the brain processes what you see with your left and right eyes. In other words, binocular visual function is not only a matter of visual acuity, but also the "quality" of that vision. Normally, the two pieces of information (images) received from each eye are perceived as one piece of information (image) without any problem in the brain. However, if there is an abnormality in the binocular vision function, the two pieces of information will exist in the brain with a gap. You can "see" by forcibly correcting the gap with your eye muscles and fusing images.

Binocular visual function examination based on "Haase theory"

The binocular visual function examination based on the "Haase Theory" by Professor Haase of Germany, who established the world's first binocular vision examination method, is an extremely advanced examination that must be performed accurately. Only those who are qualified as a State-certified Master Optician can fully understand and practice correctly.

* The binocular visual function examination based on the Haase theory is not something that can be performed just with testing equipment, but is an extremely advanced theory that can only be understood by those who have studied at least 7 years in Germany and passed two national exams. In Japan, only 4 people in total, 2 people in our store and 2 people in Kobe, can perform the inspection accurately.
Incorrect binocular vision inspection will worsen the binocular dysfunction and cause various symptoms such as asthenopia, headache, and inability to see. We recommend that you check whether the inspector is a State-certified Master Optician.

Eliminate the “burdening gap” with Master’s glasses

Although each eye can see clearly, the inability (burden) of the brain to correctly process the information (images) they see is thought to be one of the causes of various symptoms such as asthenopia, shoulder/neck stiffness, and headache. Glasses are the only corrective tool that can eliminate the “burdening gap". Binocular vision examination is necessary to eliminate the “burdening gap”. In Japan, in most cases, glasses are made only by adjusting the lenses according to the eyesight of the left and right eyes (e.g., right = 1.2, left = 1.2). However, these glasses are nothing more than glasses to “simply see well" and are not truly comfortable glasses. If you can see but have symptoms such as “tiring”, “double vision”, “severely stiff shoulders”, “frequent headaches”, and “discomfort in the way you see”, you need to have a proper "binocular vision test". We, State-certified Master opticians, can provide glasses that have been adjusted after measuring not only the power of the glasses but also the "burdening gap" through a binocular vision function test. What is important is to adjust glasses to improve binocular vision function, not just to provide glasses with high visual acuity correction. At Doitsu Meister Gankyouin, many people have experienced improvements in eye strain, severe stiff shoulders, headaches, and stereoscopic vision by using glasses made and adjusted based on the results of accurate binocular visual function examination.


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