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  • Kenta Nakanishi : CEO

    Kenta Nakanishi
    Studied in Germany (at the age of 18) and received the Germany National Optical Meister. He is the 3rd Japanese recipient and youngest to achieve the certification.
  • Hiroki Nakanishi

    Hiroki Nakanishi
    Studied in Germany(at the age of 21) and received the Germany National Optical Meister like his brother. He is the 4th Japanese recipient of the certification. Hiroki married Stephanie and returned to Japan in Dec. 2013.
  • Stephanie Nakanishi

    Stephanie Nakanishi
    Stephanie is of German nationality and received the Germany National Optical Meister with the highest possible score. Stephanie married Hiroki in Nov 2013 and started her life in Japan as the first German optical meister in Japan.
German Quality
German National Optical Meister has been recognized in Germany since the 13th century . To achieve this qualification candidates complete 2 years of studies, a 3-year practical experience course and a final national examination with the German National Academy, Candidates lose the right to undertake the examination after two unsuccessful attempts. The qualification requires a variety of knowledge not only in optics, anatomy and sports engineering, but also pharmaceutics, psychology and management.
certificatethe certificate

We support your eyesight.
Our team ensure advanced and experienced technique and knowledge to support your “optical well-being”.
In order to find your best level of optical power of your lenses, we take plenty of time in examining your eyesight, the function and health of the eyeball and reaction of the pupils, as well as considering your physical condition, work environment and any medication you currently take.
In addition we ensure satisfactory time to fit the frames to your shape taking into consideration your skeletal structure. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about any of our optical examination techniques or procedures for frames and lenses. We are happy to offer detailed explanations and help lead you to the best optical well-being possible.
All human-beings “look at things” with their “brain”.
It is said humans receive 80 percent of information to live our daily lives from our eyes. In order to create your glasses, we examine not only your eyesight but also your brain conditions associated with optical function of the eyes. This practice is based on MKH-Haase Charts of Binocular Vision Measurements and result that make it possible to relax eyestrain, stiff shoulders and improve concentration, academic ability and stereopsis binocular vision.
Humans are watching in the brain